Yingli 50W/55W 12V Polycrystalline Solar Module

Electrical parameters at Standard Test Conditions (STC)
Module name                                         YGE 55                       YGE 50
Module type                                          YL055P-17b 2/5           YL050P-17b 2/5
Power output Pmax W                            55                              50
Power output tolerances ΔPmax %          +/- 3                          +/- 3
Module efficiency ηm %                         13.2                            12.0
Voltage at Pmax Vmpp V                        17.5                           17.4
Current at Pmax Impp A                        3.14                            2.87
Open-circuit voltage Voc V                     22.0                            21.5
Short-circuit current Isc A                      3.42                            3.24

Electrical parameters at Nominal Operating Cell Temperature (NOCT)
Power output Pmax W                           39.9                            36.3
Voltage at Pmax Vmpp V                       16.0                            15.9
Current at Pmax Impp A                        2.50                            2.29
Open-circuit voltage Voc V                     20.1                            19.6
Short-circuit current Isc A                      2.77                            2.63

STC: 1000W/m2 irradiance, 25°C Tmodule, AM 1.5g spectrum according to EN 60904-3. Ave. efficiency reduction of 5% at 200W/m2 according to EN 60904-1.
NOCT: open-circuit module operation temperature at 800W/m2 irradiance, 20°C Tambient, 1m/s wind speed


Nominal operating cell temperature NOCT °C          46 +/- 2
Temperature coefficient of Pmax γ %/°C                  -0.45
Temperature coefficient of Voc βVoc %/°C                -0.37
Temperature coefficient of Isc αIsc %/°C                   0.06


Max. system voltage                                              50VDC
Max. series fuse rating                                             10A
Limiting reverse current Do not apply external voltages larger than Voc of the module
Operating temperature range                              -40 to 85°C
Max. static load, front (e.g., snow and wind)           2400Pa
Max. static load, back (e.g., wind)                          2400Pa
Hailstone impact
(hailstone diameter / impact velocity)                25mm / 23m/s
Front cover (material / thickness)

 low-iron tempered glass /                                     3.2mm

Cell (quantity / type / dimensions) 36 / multicrystalline / 60.8mm x 156mm
Encapsulant (material) ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA)
Frame (material / color / anodization color) anodized aluminum alloy / silver / clea


Dimensions (length / width / height)          660mm / 630mm / 35mm
Weight                                                                 5.3 kg


• Due to continuous innovation, research and product improvement, the specifications in this product
information sheet are subject to change without prior notice. The specifications may deviate slightly and
are not guaranteed.
• The data do not refer to a single module and they are not part of the offer, they only serve for
comparison to different module types.