JPC Solar 80W/12V Polycrystalline Solar Module

Module characteristics


• 36 polycrystalline silicon solar cells which are connected in series and capable of charging 12V batteries

• Heavy duty anodised aluminium frame provides high wind resistance and convenient mounting access

• Cells are laminated between high transmissivity, low iron, 3mm tempered glass and a sheet of TPT material and finally two sheets of EVA to prevent moisture entering the module

• Installation holes for standard bracket systems are provided

• Waterproof versatile junction box provides flexibility of connections

• Modules are manufactured in accordance with IEC 61215, and come with 25 years limited output guarantee


Electrical characteristics

Typical maximum power (Wp)                               80

Open circuit voltage (Voc)                                  21.9

Optimum operating voltage (Vmp)                        17.25

Optimum operating current (Imp)                         4.61

Short circuit current (Isc)                                  4.90


Standard parameters


Information below represents the output of typical modules in 12V configuration. *This data is based on measurements made in accordance with Standard Test Conditions (STC) 1000W/m2, AM 1.5, cell temperature 25ºC


Normal temperature                                          46±2ºC

Current temperature coefficient (Isc)                  +0.10%/ºC

Voltage temperature coefficient (Voc)                 -0.38%/ºC

Power temperature coefficient (Wp)                    +0.47%/ºC

Edge grounding                                                ≤1ohm

Wind resistance                                               2400Pa

Maximum system voltage                                   1000V



Mechanical characteristics

Weight                                                           8.5 kg

Size of module (mm)                                         666 x 1009 x 35